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Track and Field Roster

4th grade                                 

Boys                                                                                        Girls

                                                                                          5th grade

Richard Grullon           (200, 1600)                                         Roselyn Pastorini (200, 1600)

5th grade                                                                           Adriana Seabra (400, 800)

Shawley Clervoyant (100, 800, long jump)                              7th grade

Matthew Rendon (400, 1600)                                                 Willermine Adolphe (200, 400, 800)

Xavier Van Ryzin (200, 400, 1600)                                          Jennifer Ferreira (100, 200, Long)

6th grade                                                                              Mia Shaw (400, 800)

Eric Aguilera (400, 800)                                                          8th grade

Lincoln Hooks (200, 1600)                                                      Gabrielle Dantes (200, 800, Long)     

Angel Rojas (400, 800)           

Kane Muchlebach (800)                                                          Nicole Figueroa (100, 200, 1600)

Olsen Rivera (400, 1600)

7th grade

Migeulangel Corredor (400, 800)

Carlos Rendon (1600, 200)

Christian Reyes (1600)

Christian Rossi (100, 400, Long Jump)

8th grade

Eric Garcia (100, 200, 400)

Sandi Martinez (200, 400, long jump)

Juan Torre (400, 1600)

Lucas Van Ryzin (200, 800, Jong Jump)

Happy Thanksgiving

“ Let them thank the LORD for his mercy, such wondrous deeds for the children of Adam. for he satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things.” --Psalms 107:8-9

 Dear St. Luke Families,

I am thankful for the amazing support of our parents, our students, and the community at large. Every day, I am moved and inspired by what I see here at St. Luke. From a greeting each morning from parents and students to the community of a Friday Mass.

The success of our school stems from our foundation of our core values and root beliefs. Every day, dedicated teachers and staff nurture a climate of excellence and love.

I am thankful that St. Luke strives for excellence in every classroom. I am thankful for the incredible devotion of our staff and their unique ability to teach and inspire our children.

Thank you for your continued support and wish you all a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! We will see everyone back in school on Monday, November 26th.

Your continued partner in faith and education.

Mrs. Bacchus, M.Ed.

Happy Thanksgiving (spanish)

“Que den gracias al Señor por su misericordia, hechos tan maravillosos para los hijos de Adán. porque él satisface a los sedientos y llena de hambre a los hambrientos. "--Salmos 107: 8-9

Queridas familias de San Lucas,

 Estoy agradecida por el increíble apoyo de nuestros padres, nuestros estudiantes y la comunidad en general. Todos los días, me conmueve y me inspira lo que veo aquí en St. Luke. Desde un saludo cada mañana de padres y alumnos a la comunidad de una misa de viernes.

El éxito de nuestra escuela proviene de nuestra base, de nuestros valores fundamentales y creencias fundamentales. Cada día, maestros y personal estan dedicados fomentar un clima de excelencia y amor.

Estoy agradecida de que St. Luke se esfuerza por la excelencia en cada salón de clases. Estoy agradecida por la increíble devoción de nuestro personal y su capacidad única para enseñar e inspirar a nuestros niños.

¡Gracias por su continuo apoyo y les deseo a todos un feliz y seguro Día de Acción de Gracias! Veremos a todos de regreso en la escuela el lunes 26 de noviembre.

Su compañera continuo en la fe y la educación.

Sra. Bachus, M.Ed.


Happy Thanksgiving (creole)

(Translate by Google Translator)


"Se pou yo remèsye Senyè a pou mizèrikòd li, bèl bagay sa yo pou pitit Adan yo. Paske li satisfè swaf dlo a, li plen grangou yo ak bon bagay. "- Sòm 107: 8-9


Chè Saint Luc fanmi,

 Mwen rekonesan pou sipò etonan paran nou yo, elèv nou yo, ak kominote a nan gwo. Chak jou, mwen te deplase ak enspire pa sa mwen wè isit la nan St Lik. Soti nan yon salitasyon chak maten soti nan paran yo ak elèv nan kominote a nan yon Mass Vandredi.

Siksè nan lekòl nou an soti nan fondasyon nou an nan valè debaz nou yo ak kwayans rasin. Chak jou, pwofesè devwe ak anplwaye nouri yon klima nan ekselans ak lanmou.

Mwen rekonesan ke St. Luke fè efò pou ekselans nan chak salklas. Mwen rekonesan pou devosyon enkwayab nan anplwaye nou yo ak kapasite inik yo pou anseye ak enspire timoun nou yo.

Mèsi pou sipò ou kontinye epi swete w tout yon Thanksgiving san danje e kontan! Nou pral wè tout moun tounen nan lekòl nan Lendi, 26 novanm.

Patenarya kontinye ou nan lafwa ak edikasyon.

Madam Bacchus, M.Ed.

STEM Club 3-5

STEM Club 6-8

SAC Meeting September 10th

ADTRAN and St Luke Catholic School

Enjoy this article about ADTRAN Helps St. Luke Catholic School Create More Competitive Learning Experiences

ADTRAN and St Luke Catholic School

Summer Happening (In Spanish)


Summer Happening


Summer Calendars

Dear Spartan Families,

Spring has finally sprung and the end of the 17-18 school year is fast approaching.  Attached to this note, you will find the summer calendars detailing the happenings at St. Luke.  SLCS will have new programs and I  encourage you to take advantage of them.

  • Summer sports: In order to continue growing our sports program we will have off-season sports for grades 4th-8th. We encourage all children to participate in these workouts for the betterment of our athletic program.  Returning athletes are required to attend sessions that apply to their sport(s), as well as strengthen and condition themselves as they prepare for their 18-19 seasons. The programs will begin in May (see attached calendar for dates).  Contact Coach at   if you have any questions.
  • Summer Math, Writing, and Reading Skills Review: We will be have a drop-in skills review day on Tuesdays, beginning June 12th. Students can come by school from 9-12:00 AM and receive reinforcement instruction and practice as math, reading, and writing skills are reviewed.   There will be no charge for this program.  The program will be run by Mrs. Bacchus, Dr. Demartino, and Mrs. Miller.
  • Summer Library Days: During the summer it is important to continue reading. We have been fortunate this year to have books from the list, “The Hundred Books Every Child Should Read Before Leaving Grammar School”, which were donated to our library. To encourage our ongoing literacy program there are three Fridays (June 29th, July 13th and July 27th) from 9-12:00 AM when the SLCS library will be open.  Students will be able to stop by, check out books for reading, and return them.  Please be sure to encourage reading throughout the summer.  A ‘family read together’ time is a wonderful way to how your child(ren) that you value reading. 
  • Robotics Camp: Dates: June 18-22, Time: 9-3:00 PM, Cost: $200. Students will work to develop basic coding skills, and design, build and program a robot. Seating is limited. Call early
  • Voice Lessons: Mr. Faulkner is offering voice lessons on Wednesdays. Each lesson will be 30 minutes. Students will  pick a time: 3 pm, 4 pm, or 5 pm for their lesson.  There is no cost for the program.  Please contact Mr. Faulkner at for availability. 
  • Choir Practice: Dates: August 6th-10th, Time: 1-5:00. Returning and new choir members will prepare for the coming school year.

Diann Bacchus


Calendar June 2018

Calendar July 2018

Calendar August 2018

Off Season Schedule May 2018

Off Season Schedule June 2018

Off Season Schedule July 2018



Catholic Schools Week Schedule

Technology in the Classroom: One School's Experience

How one Florida school is improving student life with communications technology and updated infrastructure

By: Matt Brunk

This article was originally published on

In Palm Beach County Fla., St. Luke Catholic School has partnered with the University of Notre Dame's Alliance for Catholic Education initiative to provide the highest quality Catholic education to as many children as possible in under-served communities. During a three-year teaching fellowship at Notre Dame, Principal Diann Bacchus developed an understanding of the need to create a student-centered, blended-learning classroom that's enhanced with the use of technology.

The school uses technology for communication with parents, curriculum in the classroom, an automated library system, and assessments. Additionally, it uses social media such as Facebook, Twitter, and Remind to keep stakeholders informed. Communications and collaboration tools support private chat/IM between staff, and support to teachers using IM.

Technology is helping St. Luke transform from a traditional educational environment to a student-centered 21st learning environment -- and in the process, it has been able to expose students to jobs and opportunities that they wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to learn about. For example, students are able to take virtual tours of the Pyramids, The Louvre Museum, learn about computer programming through activities such as The Hour of Code, and participate in a NASA partnership called Orion's Quest.

St. Luke uses Google G Suite for education, integrated with its school management system and single sign-on system. It currently provides 48 Chromebooks, 50 iPads, and 25 MacBooks for student use, and is looking for ways to acquire more tablets and charging stations so it can move ahead with its one-to-one initiative.

Infrastructure is vital to the school's technology initiatives.

The campus fiber backbone network utilizes Adtran Netvanta PoE switches and ProCloud; the SonicWall NSA 2600 firewall; Avast Cloud endpoint protection, and Carbonite backup.

The St. Luke campus, which includes the school plus a church, parish hall, rectory, and other buildings, will transition to AT&T Fiber, for 100-Mbps service, in May, and then begin to migrate voice and fax services from PRI, F-T1.5, and POTS over to a Panasonic communications server solution that supports IP paging and an automated bell schedule. It'll also adopt a new interactive Panasonic display that eliminates the need for short throw projectors and meshes with its online use and Wi-Fi. St. Luke will realize significant cost reductions and the elimination of redundant services and equipment.

In the enterprise, we use terms such as "best in class." In this case, St. Luke is definitely providing best in class through its technology deployments and how it's impacting student lives by providing optimal instruction time with effective and meaningful learning and effective partnerships.

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